RP Videos

Sound Test I did at La Sala in Rozelle - Here I’m playing my Cajon with a natural woodgrain playing face

Victor Valdes Band with the incredible multi-instrumentalist Victor Valdes himself playing a Rodrigo Percussion Cajon

Jammin with a Mandolin player that popped by during the Illawarra Folk Festival. 

I was running my play along music, and my cajon, through my little PA so it was kinda cool to play along with someone else for a change.

Sorry for the shortness of the video, my battery and memory were going bonkers that day.

Another guy popped by with his Ukulele, so we plugged him in too.

Once again, sorry about the shortness of the video but these clips demonstrate the sound quality of the cajon when mic’d up.  These clips were taken with my iphone 4S.

Victor Valdes on Harp, Giorgio Rojas on his RP Cajon and Daniel Pliner on keys playing and old Latin American Folk tune.  Giorgio is playing the Peruvian rhythm Landó on his Cajon.

Victor Valdes on upside down guitar (he’s a lefty) Giorgio Rojas on his RP Cajon playing a Spanish Rumba.

Drummer to the stars and of hit TV series ‘The Voice’, Warrent Trout, plays his RP Stomp Cajon with pop sensation Delta Goodrem.

Good friends, from left to right, Jeffrey Argent, Byron Mark & William Bigglesworth join me in the RP studio to shoot this crazy Buleria Cajon trio...believe it or not, this was the first and only take we did of this piece.