Rp family

I’m absolutely thrilled and honoured to have the privilege of working with some of the finest musicians and percussionists in Sydney.

All the people below have inspired me in one way or another and to be working with them now is a dream come true.

Oscar Jimenez

Founder and lead singer of the ARIA nominated band Wattussi, Oscar’s charismatic presence both on and off stage is something to behold.  I absolutely love working with Oscar because he’s the kind of bloke that makes you feel like a champion when you hang around him.

Oscar does a lot of solo gigs around Australia and internationally and he wanted to spice up his act a bit so we spoke about him representing Rodrigo Percussion and how I could help him achieve his goal. 

We ended up with the first ever RP Stomp Cajon (visit Videos page for more).

He loves his cajon and takes it to all his gigs, he now says that he would be lost without it on his solo gigs.

Keep and eye out for Oscar and Watussi, they’re both destined for even bigger things.

For more on Oscar visit lhttp://oscarjimenez-music.com

For more on Watussi visit http://www.watussi.com.au/

Victor Valdes

Victor is the consummate musician and performer.  He sings and plays pretty much everything, including harp, guitar, bass, piano as well as congas, bongo and of course cajon.  He is the only grand master in Australia on maracas.

Victors maraca playing is literally out of this world.  Maraca playing is not as simple as you think, for a demonstration visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wAIkQ6r-_8

When I first conceived of making a white cajon, I was thinking of Victor’s beautiful white harp, it was only fitting then that I ask Victor if he would represent Rodrigo Percussion with a white cajon.  He absolutely loves and is besotted with his RP Cajon and never tires of telling me that.  It such a huge huge honour to have someone like Victor in the RP family.  You can see some of Victor’s work with RP on the Videos page.

Giorgio Rojas

Giorgio, started playing cajon at age 3.  Having been born in same country that the Cajon is native to, Peru, and being a fourth generation musician, Giorgio quickly mastered the cajon and now incorporates the complex Peruvian rhythms into other elements of his playing, particularly with drum set. 

A.K.A. Sensei, Giorgio’s approach to playing cajon is deep and insightful.  It’s one of the biggest pleasures I have when we hold the RP Cajon Workshops around the country because we not only share what we both have learned but because I learn from his lessons every single time.

Giorgio plays in ‘Mi Tierra’, one of the biggest Latin Bands in the country and can also be seen playing with some of the biggest national and international artists.

Apart from Cajon, he’s a master in most forms of percussion, including drum-set, timbales, congas and bongo.  If you ever see a write up for a gig and he’s in it...do yourselves a big favour and go watch the gig even if there are some bucks involved, I guarantee that you’ll enjoy watching and hearing him play.

Declan Kelly

I’ve been a huge fan of Declan Kelly and his music for a really long time, so you can imagine my surprise and pleasure I got when he first approached Rodrigo Percussion to work together.

Declan is an expert multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer and you can check out his current work you can check out by visiting http://www.declankelly.com.au

If you really want to get the goss on Declan, Triple J’s Unearthed site has a great write-up about him.  http://www.triplejunearthed.com/DeclanKelly

I’m really looking forward to bringing you some really cool stuff with Declan in the future, so stay tuned.

Claudio Cartagena

Leader of famous Latin big band, Carlos Velazquez y Los Mayores, Claudio is an expert Latin percussionist, playing drum-set, timbales, Congas, Bongo & Cajon.

Being half Brazlian, Claudio is also an expert in Brazilian rhythms & percussion.  He can be seen playing all around Australia playing Batucada and Capoeira gigs to captive audiences.

Claudio and I work together quite frequently and its always a pleasure to work with him.  For an example of our work together, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIb3NP8jVj8&list=UU0zYGBcgyjrJLecwGooaw-A&index=4I loved putting this video together.

Warrent Trout

Warren doesn’t consider himself a hand percussionist (i.e. uses his hands to hit drums preferring to use sticks instead) so he wanted a drum that he could easily get a fat sound out of immediately, utilising his expertise in drum set playing.  The result was him opting for the ‘RP Stomp Cajon’.  A killer cajon with a custom base plate attached to it so he could attach his bass drum pedal.  The result is what you see in the picture above.

Warren is always travelling which is why he’s got two of the RP Stomp Cajon’s.  One that goes on tour with him and another that stay’s in Sydney.

Warren’s credentials are impressive to say the least.  He’s currently the drummer for Delta Goodrem and TV show ‘The Voice’ but has also worked with with artists such as Kate Ceberano, Tina Arena, Marcia Hines, Vince Jones, James Morrison, Grace Knight, Bob Down, Richie Cole, The Drifters, Phil Ceberano, James Freud, Martin Plaza, Marina Prior, Kulcha, Aby Tucker, Nicola Quilter, Anthony Callea, Jade Macrae, Rai Thistlethwaite (Thirsty Merc), Human Nature, Men at Work, John Farnham, Delta Goodrem, Diesel, Swanee, Countdown Spectacular 2, Jimmy Barnes, Damien Leith and Guy Sebastian (...and the list goes on).

Over the past 10 years, Warren has worked as both a tutor and music teacher in exclusive private schools and at Drum City and Billy Hydes in Sydney. Warren is also a much sought after session musician for both album and television advertising work, working regularly for every major Sydney recording studio. A hugely talented musician and performer, Warren Trout continues to astound with the gifted and individual style he brings to every performance.