Rodrigo Percussion
New RP Apprentice Cajons have arrived!
AWESOME tonal qualities at less than half the price!!!
RP Brief
Rodrigo Percussion

Formed in 2008 by Sydney percussionist Rodrigo Martin-Silva in Stanmore Sydney, Australia...out of a need of supplying PRO QUALITY cajones at prices everyone can afford.
Cajons & Bags 

To check out Rodrigo Percussion Cajones and bags, click on the photo below.


RP Distributors 

Selling RP Cajones
 Sydney - Bondi
Prestige Woodwind & Brass

 Sydney - Burwood
Optimum Percussion

 Sydney - Parramatta
Guitar Factory


 Blue Mountains - Katoomba
Katoomba Music

 Wollongong - North
Silver Sound


 Wollongong - West
Wollongong Music

 Central Coast - Gosford
The Rhythm Hut

 Newcastle - Centre
The Drum Shop

 Canberra - Phillip
Better Music

 Northern NSW - Byron Bay
Byron Music
Sydney’s finest playing RP
If you’re not sure whether an RP Cajon is for you...take note...some of Australia’s finest musicians & drummers are playing Rodrigo Percussion Cajones. 

Click on the photo on the right to see who is now playing Rodrigo Percussion Cajones

Each Drum: Is hand sculptured

Quality: Absolutely PRO percussionist quality

Made from: The finest materials available

Operates now: Out of North Parramatta

Ships: All around the world

Other Info: The initials for Rodrigo Percussion are coincidently the same as Rodrigo Pablo’ first born son.

Some Cool Vids
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Phone: +61 422 80 22 11

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