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I’m really excited about bringing you these drums...the utmost attention goes into producing all Rodrigo Percussion Cajones. 

From the individual hand selection of the finest materials available to the meticulous craftsmanship of a working percussionist who knows his way around wood...Rodrigo Percussion Cajones were always bound to make an impact.

All Rodrigo Percussion Cajon shells are made from Birch.  Birch is widespread on the Northern Hemisphere and what makes Birch plywood so good is 1. the trees grow really slowly, giving them a denser grain which in turn gives them a more consistent tonal quality 2. the companies producing Birch Plywood have been doing so for over a hundred years.  In fact Birch Plywood is used in the top Flamenco & Classical guitars made in Europe.

The faces on the painted Cajones are also Birch Ply but the natural faces come in Birch and Ceder.  The Cedar is an ornamental wood which is why I’ve incorporated into Rodrigo Percussion Cajones...they look and sound great!  Check out the video of the sound test I did on my Video Page.

All Rodrigo Percussion Cajones are painted with an environmentally friendly two pac acrylic paint which is really durable but cleans with a damp cloth...it took a lot of trial and error but the finish I’m now getting on these drums is really cool.

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If you want to play a Rodrigo Percussion Cajon, check out my distributor page for your local stockist or if you’re a local to the Parramatta area in Sydney...give me a bell and you can come to my workshop and have a hit.